Kevin W. O’Reilly
Partner- Deceased

Kevin O’Reilly passed away on September 7, 2022. He was a great attorney and friend to many. He will be missed.

Kevin O’Reilly was a graduate of the State University of New York at Albany, having obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology in 1979. Mr. O’Reilly attended St. John’s School of Law, graduating cum laude in 1981. He was admitted to practice law in the State of New York in 1982 and  practiced continuously in both the State and Federal courts .

Mr. O’Reilly was one of the founding partners of Keller, O’Reilly, and Watson, P.C. since 1990. He was previously a partner at the law firm of Furey, Furey, Lapping, Keller, O’Reilly and Watson, P.C.

Mr. O’Reilly  tried all types of civil litigation in all venues in the New York City metropolitan area including the following:

  • medical malpractice including birth-related injuries, pediatrics, emergency medicine, cardiology, nephrology, radiology, oncology, surgery, and anesthesiology
  • products liability
    • elevators
    • appliances (refrigerators)
    • electrical bus ducts (7 World Trade Center)
    • safety switches in radiology storage facilities
  • construction accidents
  • premises liability
    • trip and fall
    • sidewalks
    • foreign substances
    • stairways
  • automobile/trucking/bicycle accidents
  • employment discrimination
    • sexual
    • age-related

In addition to trial work, Mr. O’Reilly  handled all aspects of pre-trial litigation and appellate work in the First and Second Judicial Departments and the Court of Appeals, including the preparation and oral argument of post-trial appeals. He is a member of the New York State and Nassau County Bar Associations.

He has also lectured to groups of physicians on medico-legal issues and to groups of attorneys and service technicians with respect to all aspects of elevator/escalator litigation. With respect to elevator/escalator litigation, Mr. O’Reilly was one of the foremost expert and experienced trial attorneys in this field, having participated in the pre-trial handling, trials and appeals in hundreds of cases involving all types of accidents and occurrences, having represented numerous clients in this area including Westinghouse Electric Corporation, Schindler Elevator Corporation, Richmond Elevator, P.S. Mercato Elevator, Robert Elevator, Ace Elevator, Centennial Elevator, Republic Elevator, Sterling Elevator and Transel Elevator, to name a few.