Elevator/Escalator Claims

escalator going up and down with sunlight at the topescalator claims

New York City and the surrounding metropolitan area has over 60,000 working elevators. Our partners have worked defending elevator/escalator claims from our earliest days of practice. We are familiar with the various types of vertical transportation equipment that are in operation on a daily basis. Having a working knowledge of the equipment, combined with our complete understanding of the relevant law, allows us to start the defense well ahead of the opposition. We are also familiar with the various contractual issues involving indemnity and insurance coverage which are generally intertwined in these cases. Additionally, we have access to some of the best experts in the field of vertical transportation. Given our knowledge and experience, we are one of the foremost litigation defense firms in representing corporations and insureds in elevator/escalator claims.

The Attorneys of Keller, O'Reilly & Watson, P.C. assist Insurance Companies and Corporations with Litigation Defense in Nassau County, Suffolk County and the Greater New York City area including Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx and Staten Island.