Tractor Trailer & Bus Liability Defense

tractor trailer driving on a rural road defense

Long Island is a 100-mile long, 25-mile wide land mass almost entirely dependent on the transportation and delivery of goods by truck. It is estimated that one out of every 9 vehicles on the main east-west highway, the Long Island Expressway, is a truck. The defense of tractor-trailer and bus liability claims has been headed by partner, Vincent Petrozzo, for many years. We are  dedicated to providing aggressive defense of these claims on a cost-efficient basis. Using our knowledge in transportation litigation, we have been able to work with our clients to reach the successful resolution of these claims. We have access to some of the foremost experts in automotive engineering and accident reconstruction. Whether we pursue verdict at trial, early settlement or arbitration defense, we can provide the representation you require.

A 24-hour contact number will be provided to all clients for immediate response to accident locations.

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