Medical Malpractice

a group of doctors and nurses standing in a circle talking medical malpractice

One of the core aspects of our firm is the dedicated representation of physicians and hospitals, in the defense of cases alleging medical malpractice.
All of the partners at Keller, O’Reilly and Watson have significant experience in the successful defense of medical malpractice litigation; more than that, is the attitude brought to bear in EVERY case in which WE stand up for the rights and protection of doctors and hospitals. It is by the process of meticulous preparation of the case; thorough review of the records and related documents; mastering the medical issues involved–and ULTIMATELY presenting the physician’s side with clear, powerful and persuasive advocacy skills, that our CLIENTS reap the benefits of KOW representation.
We prepare the cases with a TEAM approach; each team led by a SENIOR partner with trial experience and the comprehensive approach ABSOLUTELY required to successfully defend these matters.
We explain to juries the STANDARD of CARE; the facts and circumstances of the matter–and we use our ADVOCACY skills to obtain FAVORABLE results.
OUR PARTNERS ARE ACCESSIBLE–they are tireless advocates for the physicians we represent and OUR DOORS are OPEN.
PLEASE CONTACT SCOTT C. WATSON, directly for any additional questions you have regarding Keller, O’Reilly & Watson. Mr. Watson can be reached via telephone, 516-496-1919.

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